Frequently Asked Questions


What is your screening process? 


There’s nothing more delicious than pre-date anticipation. Because I prefer this to feeling nervous, I ask for a little information to put my mind at ease, and confirm your Perfect Gentleman status. For this reason, I require all new clients to undergo a quick and painless screening process. I ask for the relevant information at the booking stage, using the form on my website. No request is complete without it!


I offer the following options:


  • Provision of a P411 handle with only positive ratings.

  • Provision of your LinkedIn profile or a business card. I may discreetly give you a ring to confirm your identity, but only after confirming this with you.

  • A minimum of two references from other providers. No older than six months.

  • A photograph of your ID or passport and a phone number.

Rest assured, any information gathered in the screening process will be stored securely on ProtonMail servers. Information will never, under any circumstances, be shared with a third party. I don’t keep any of your personal information beyond our first meeting. 


If you’re not comfortable with the options above, please do enquire anyway and we can chat about alternatives. 

How far in advance should I arrange to see you?


A minimum of 24 hours. However, to make sure I’m able to fit you in, I suggest you make contact two to three weeks in advance. I’m a busy bee, and as much as I would like to, I’m unfortunately rarely able to take on last-minute bookings.

For fly-me-to-you, I’ll need a little more notice. Within Europe, I require a minimum of four days to get things in order. If you want to be a guaranteed date in my diary, I recommend reaching out at least a month in advance. For further-flung destinations, this is especially important as I’ll need to look into visas, transfers etc.


Do you require deposits?


For all new clients and all outcalls, I do. The deposit can be sent anonymously, and the whole process will not take more than five minutes. On tour, this may be different depending on location. I treat these on a case-by-case basis, so please enquire. For all travel arrangements (or fly-me-to-you), I ask for a 50% deposit of the total consideration. Deposits can be made in cash, gift cards or cryptocurrency. 


What are your cancellation policies?

Life conspires against us all on occasion, and our plans might have to change. In the rare event I do have to take a rain check, I’ll let you know as soon as I possibly can. If any deposit was made, it’ll be refunded swiftly with my sincerest apologies (and my utmost disappointment.) So far – thankfully - this has never happened.


Similarly, if you need to cancel a booking, please let me know as soon as possible. As you can probably imagine, my time is in short supply and there aren’t enough hours in the day to facilitate last-minute cancellations. If given enough notice, I’ll do my best to find another time for our date. Sadly, though, I cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to reschedule.

If travel arrangements need to be cancelled, the deposit will be refunded minus the cost of flights and accommodation. This is on the condition cancellation takes place at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled departure time. I’m afraid any cancellations after this will result in a forfeited deposit. You can, however, use this deposit as a credit toward a future date for up to six months.


How should we keep in touch?

Whenever I’m swapping sweet nothings with a lover, I use ProtonMail to ProtonMail email addresses. The service is free, secure, and reliable. Most crucially, it’s encrypted, so keeps our arrangements between us. As I’m able to check emails on-the-go, it’s perfect for facilitating last-minute requests and enquiries. This allows me to get our encounters perfect - right down to the tiniest detail.


Any last minute tips before our date?


I like my lovers as minty fresh as a mojito in the arctic, so please shower and brush your teeth before we meet. If you don’t have the time beforehand, you’re welcome to refresh yourself at the location at the beginning of our session. Furthermore, please make sure to cut and file your nails.




When do we take care of payment?


Unless we have discussed otherwise, please pass me the gratuity within the first few minutes of us meeting. Taking care of the formalities promptly means we can progress to more informal matters!

If we meet in a hotel room, please place the gratuity in an unsealed envelope where I can spot it easily – a table, desk, or somewhere similar. I’ll then ask that you excuse yourself to freshen up while I make sure the contents of the envelope are all present and correct. 

If we meet in public, I suggest placing the unsealed envelope in a book, a magazine, or even a little gift bag, ready to pass to me in due course. Please know that at some point I’ll excuse myself to have a glance at the amount.


What if I prefer to arrange payment in advance?

If you’d prefer not to use cash, you can pay via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin preferred). Should you choose to do it by cryptocurrency, it is best to do so beforehand. Let’s have everything in place before we meet so we can give each other our undivided attention when we’re together.


May I take photos or videos of you on our date?

Unless we agree on this beforehand, phones away please!


I’m really enjoying your company. May I extend an ongoing date?

While I’m flattered you want to spend more time with me, my schedule is absolutely jam-packed. Believe me, I’d love to keep the fun going a little longer. But unless you indicate this could be a possibility, I can’t guarantee I’ll be available. If you think an extended visit might be on the cards, please let me know when you book. I’ll adjust accordingly. To ensure that our evening remains seamless, I’d also recommend having the appropriate additional donation on you if you’re considering an extension.




Do you kiss and tell? What if I want to write a review?

Never! While I may spend the days after our tryst replaying every detail in my head, our encounter will be kept exclusively between us. I ask that you extend me the same courtesy. Of course, I’m always delighted to receive a glowing review. One request, though: while you’re singing my praises, please leave out any details that might allow anyone to identify me. I’m also always happy to provide clients with references for other providers. Do just drop me a note mentioning you’ve passed on my details. 


Are my information and contact details safe with you? Will you send me random emails or call me after our meeting?

For the sake of your privacy, I’ll never email, text or call you out of the blue. The same goes for any communication post-date. On occasion, after a particularly special encounter, I might feel compelled to drop you a little note to say ‘thank you.’ However, I’ll always wait for you to initiate this communication. That is, unless you’ve explicitly given me permission to get in touch.



What’s your style?

I must admit that I have a thing for feminine designer pieces and cute retro looks. Think Bardot necklines, plenty of florals, satin garter belts and a collection of shift dresses to rival Audrey Hepburn’s. My photo gallery should give you a hint of my style. Please let me know your preferences when you book, and I will do my best to accommodate them. Whether you’re looking for a Jackie or a Marilyn, I’m happy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. 


Do you wear a lot of make-up? Perfume?

When it comes to make-up I, I like to remain fresh-faced, letting my natural features shine. Again, though, if you have something more elaborate in mind, please let me know. As a personal preference, I rarely wear perfume. If I do, it’ll be tasteful, elegant and subtle. 


Are you discreet?

To a fault. You can expect nothing but total discretion from me at every stage of our encounter. I promise, I’ll never breathe a word to anyone about our adventures. If you require extra measures of discretion, please let me know.  


Do you have a "menu" or a "service list"? I want to try this fetish or role play, are you ok with it?

Desire is as complex as a fingerprint, so I prefer to avoid prescriptive things like a list or menu. I find a few pre-meeting conversations are the best way to ensure we get the most out of our time. I’m open to suggestions. While I’m a judgement-free kind of gal, I do have my personal limits and boundaries. The best thing to do is send me an email to outline what you have in mind. To give you a clue, I love light spankings, role play and being tied up. 


My safer sex practices include using condoms for all penetrative sex and testing regularly. Of course, sex is a two-player game, so I encourage my clients to test regularly too. 56 Dean Street is Soho is my go-to for free, fast, confidential sexual health check-ups. 


When are you coming to my city?

I have an acute case of wanderlust, so you’ll find I’m often on the road. If you want to know about any of my upcoming tours, check my Twitter. And don’t despair if you don’t see your city listed. Remember: you can always book a fly-me-to-you! I love the thrill of an invitation somewhere new. Where are we going? What do you have planned for us? Am I bringing my bikini, my ski gear or a suitcase full of nothing but lingerie and sex toys?